To see the list of airlines that serve Panama City, please visit the Website of Tocumen International Airport. Click "Passenger Service..Airlines". This page will provide links to all the airlines.

Visa & documents required:

Every visitor needs a passport valid for at least 6 months after entry into Panama. Check your passport right away to make sure you have 6 months left on it. This is non negotiable at the airport of departure. Check with your travel agent or the Panamanian Consulate to find out if you need a visa prior to travel. Most tourists can obtain a 30 day visa.

Traveling to Contadora Island from Panama City and back:

The beautiful island of Contadora is located off the Pacific coast of Panama, in the Pearl Island Archipelago, Gulf of Panama, and is only 30 miles (a short 15 minute flight) from Panama City. Normally, unless you have your own boat, the only way to get to Contadora is by a 15 minute flight from Albrook Airport.


*All flights to Contadora Island originate at Albrook/Marcos A. Gelbert Airport.

Scheduled flights:

Air Panama - All daily flights from Albrook Airport - for their schedule contact them at www.FLYAIRpanama.com or telephone (507) 316-9000

Most of the planes accomodate 22 passengers, with only 25 lbs of luggage permitted, so you may want to travel light to avoid excess baggage fees.


There are 2 ferry services offering daily trips from Panama City to Contadora and back.

Sea Las Perlas operates from Brisas De Amador on the Amador causeway to and from Contadora and Panama City.

Ferry Las Perlas leaves from Trump Ocean Club Panama.